Just2Trade Charts

Updated Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Charts Grade: F

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Just2Trade has not made any investment in their charts and it shows.  Charts are small, allow for the selection of a date range and ... that's it.  No plot types, no comparison features, no technical or fundamental indicators - nothing.  Even intraday data is not displayed.  Just2Trade is currently working on a streaming charts platform but in the meantime customers must rely on third party solutions for their charting needs.


To retrieve charts on the Just2Trade website, first select Market and then Quotes from the top menu.  Next, enter a company symbol and then once the quotes page loads select Show Detail.  Here is the default one year line chart that loaded for Google (GOOG) (click on images for larger views):

Charts are very small and lack almost all features that come standard in a charting platform.  The only function available is the time frame, which can be customized for any range of dates.  Intraday data is not displayed at all.  This means that the range of dates is limited to two days at a minimum, and if this is selected it simply shows two points on the chart:

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