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TradeKing / Zecco Merger Has Closed

On May 15th, TradeKing and Zecco announced their intention to merge. This week the merger officially closed. It was announced that the new combined entity will eventually be named TradeKing, discarding the Zecco name in the process. The company has stated that they are taking on the TradeKing name because the Zecco name was initially

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Zecco / TradeKing Merger

Published on June 10, 2012 by in broker news

Last month, TradeKing and Zecco announced that they were merging. You can watch the announcement video featuring TradeKing CEO Don Montanaro and Zecco CEO Mike Raneri here: I rate both brokerages well so my initial thoughts were that the merger can possibly result in a combined company that is even better. If the end result

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