Broker iPad Apps Overview

Updated Friday, July 8, 2011

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Apple's iPad has had a revolutionary impact on the once niche tablet computer market since its debut in 2010.  As of June 2011, the wildly popular iPad has sold over 25 million units worldwide.  Like the iPhone, the iPad has access to the app store, which allows users to quickly find, download and install third party applications onto their unit.  While iPhone apps can be used on the iPad, smart online brokers have capitalized on the ever growing iPad market by developing apps specifically designed for the device.

All of the broker iPad apps reviewed by us are free to use and some are even built for limited usage by those without a brokerage account.  Some of the major features offered by most broker iPad apps include:
As with the web based and desktop broker platforms, the broker iPad apps vary greatly in quality.  So which broker iPad app is the best?  There are a lot of choices but don't worry - we are here to help.  Click on the broker names below to access our full review for each platform.

BrokeriPad App Grade
Merrill EdgeB
TD AmeritradeB
Interactive BrokersC

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