Zecco Zap Trade

Updated Monday, May 23, 2011

Zecco Zap Trade

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What is Zecco Zap Trade?
Zap Trade is a web browser plugin that grants access to the Zecco stock and ETF order entry menu without leaving your favorite stock market research website.  Zap Trade is free to use for all Zecco customers.  It is currently compatible with Firefox 3+ but should be made compatible with other browsers such as Internet Explorer and Chrome in the future.

How Does it Work?
Zap Trade detects stock and ETF symbols embedded in any website and inserts a Zecco icon next to the ticker symbol on the web page.  Clicking on the icon will open a window containing the Zecco stock order entry menu.  This window is not a pop up menu or separate browser tab but an extension of the current web page.  The Zap Trade window can be dragged around the browser window without affecting the underlying web page.  It is surprisingly slick technology.  Here is a look at the Zap Trade window as accessed from Reuters.  The Zap Trade window appeared after we clicked on the Z icon on the Reuters website:

Which Websites are Compatible With Zap Trade?
According to Zecco, Zap Trade is compatible with the following websites:
Zap Trade also works with the research sections of the following brokers:
Zap Trade does not work on all websites.  Examples of websites which do not work with Zap Trade include:

Additional Examples
Here are some examples of how Zap Trade integrates with some popular stock market research websites:

Yahoo! Finance

Google Finance



Parting Words
Zap Trade is a truly innovative tool that makes trading just a bit more convenient.  It might not be the prime reason for choosing Zecco as your broker but it is definitely a nice perk for those that have already chosen to do business with Zecco.  Give Zap Trade a look.

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