Wikinvest Broker Compatibility

Updated Sunday, May 1, 2011

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Wikinvest is a free online personal finance tool that lets users seamlessly import data from multiple brokerage accounts.  Once accounts are imported, a number of tools are available including pre-built and customizable reports.  This is somewhat similar to Mint.com but is specifically geared towards investment accounts as opposed to savings, checking and credit card accounts.

To find out which brokerage accounts are compatible with Wikinvest, we created an account and attempted to link all of brokerage accounts.

Our reviewed brokers that can successfully link with Wikinvest are as follows: Our reviewed brokers that are not currently supported by Wikinvest are as follows: *These brokers are listed by Wikinvest as compatible but we were unable to link our accounts

Here is a view of the main portfolio page of Wikinvest.  On the left column you can see the accounts that we have connected to Wikinvest and in the main column you can see the default view, which is a list of our holdings along with some relevant information (click on images for larger views):

Other default views show performance and fundamentals per holding.  Users can also create their own customized views based off of pre-built fields.  Here is a customized view that we created:

Wikinvest on the Go
To help users keep track of all of their brokerage accounts on the go, Wikinvest now has mobile apps for the iPhone, BlackBerry and Android platforms.  Here is a view of our own brokerage accounts as shown from the Wikinvest iPhone app.  We are not sure why the individual account values do not show up in the iPhone app when they show up in the full browser version:

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