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ShareBuilder has announced that as of March 1st, stock and options trading commissions are changing.  Here is how ShareBuilder describes those changes…

Which trade prices are changing?
Our online trade and options prices.

  • Online trades: You’ll now pay $6.95 when you execute a trade of stocks or exchange-traded funds (ETFs) on or after March 1, 2013. (Our Basic Pricing Program price has been $9.95. Our Advantage Pricing Program price has been $7.95.)
  • Options trades: Everyone will now pay $6.95 commission and $0.75 per contract. (Basic Pricing Program customers have been paying $9.95 and $1.25 per contract. Advantage Pricing Program customers had been paying $7.95 and $0.75 per contract.)



Basic Pricing
Before 3/1/13
Advantage Pricing
Before 3/1/13
All Pricing Programs
3/1/13 and After
Online Trades $9.95 $7.95 $6.95
Options Trades $9.95 +
$7.95 +
$6.95 +

For regular account holders this is a very nice price drop! ShareBuilder has gone from very average to offering some of the lowest stock and options trading commissions among all brokers.  For advantage account holders, this means commissions drop for you too, though the incentive to be an advantage account holder is now much less since you are no longer getting a better deal. Go here to view our full stock broker stock trading and options trading commissions comparison articles:

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