What Are The Best Stock Broker Margin Rates?


We have updated our comprehensive stock broker margin rates list. You can easily compare 17 top brokers to see which one offers the best margin rate for your loan balance (borrowed cash) level. For all loan balance levels, Interactive Brokers offers the best rate, ranging between 1.65% and 0.50%. Second place is OptionsHouse, which ranges from 4% down to 1.5%. Third place is eOption, which ranges from 5% down to 2.5%. Go here to get the full rundown:

Stock Broker Margin Rates

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Redesign of Online Broker Review

We put a new coat of paint on the old shed this morning.

Check out the newly redesigned Online Broker Review now!

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Latest Stock Broker Discounts


If you are in the market for a new broker, check out the latest great offers on our Stock Broker Discounts and Special Offers page. Here are some of the latest and greatest offers:

Click Here For More Stock Broker Deals and Discounts

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Stock Broker Rankings


We have just released our brand new broker rankings, including a new #1 broker! To arrive at our new rankings, we have updated our reviews and changed the review criteria slightly. The biggest change is that we now weigh the importance of apps - including iPhone, iPad and Android - more heavily than we did in the past. This is because people are trading more heavily on mobile devices than they were even a year or two ago so we felt that their importance needed to be reflected.  Also, we have removed Zecco from our list since it is now officially a part of TradeKing.

Here is our new list of top brokers. View our full methodology and explanations here.  Click on a particular broker to go to that broker’s detailed review page:

  1. Schwab
  2. Interactive Brokers
  3. optionsXpress
  4. E*TRADE
  5. OptionsHouse
  6. Fidelity
  7. TD Ameritrade
  8. Scottrade
  9. TradeKing
  10. Merrill Edge
  11. ShareBuilder
  12. Firstrade
  13. SogoTrade
  14. eOption
  15. Just2Trade
  16. Vanguard
  17. Wells Fargo Advisors
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Updated Vanguard iPhone and iPad App Reviews

vanguard logo

Here are our updated Vanguard iPhone and iPad app reviews:

Vanguard iPhone App Review
Vanguard iPad App Review

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Updated Firstrade iPhone App Review

firstrade logo

Here is our updated Firstrade iPhone app review. Note that Firstrade does not have an iPad app:

Firstrade iPhone App Review

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TradeKing iPhone App Review Updated

tradeking logo

After TradeKing and Zecco merged, they also merged platforms. Zecco had the superior iPhone app so a slightly modified version has been rebranded as TradeKing. Here is our review for the TradeKing iPhone App. Note that TradeKing does not have an iPad app:

TradeKing iPhone App Review

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ShareBuilder iPad and iPhone App Reviews

sharebuilder logo

We’ve got a brand new review for your Saturday. ShareBuilder has had an iPhone app for quite a while (there seems to be a connectivity problem at the moment) but they have only recently released an iPad app. Thankfully it was worth the wait, since the app is overall quite good.

ShareBuilder iPad App Review
ShareBuilder iPhone App Review

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Updated Scottrade iPhone App Review

scottrade logo

Here is our updated Scottrade iPhone app review. Note that Scottrade still does not have a dedicated iPad app but it is in the works:

Scottrade iPhone App Review

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Updated Schwab iPhone and iPad App Reviews

schwab logo

Here are our updated Schwab iPhone and iPad app reviews:

Schwab iPhone App Review
Schwab iPad App Review

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