Bank of America Charts

Updated Sunday, September 20, 2009

Charts Grade: B


Bank of America offers very nice charts. The chart designs are not quite as stunning as those found at some competitors they are clean, clear and get the job done. There are over thirty fundamental and technical indicators, which will satisfy most people. Chart settings can also be saved, which is a nice feature to have. Our only major complaint is that the charts are a bit on the small side. Those with high resolution monitors may prefer charts that can be viewed in full screen mode.


Basic 1 year chart for General Electric (GE) (click on images for larger views):

5 year chart comparing GE, PFE, MSFT and INTC:

GE 5 year chart with 20 day moving average, dividend yield, and PE history:

Bank of America allows users to save chart settings. For example, I created a candlestick chart with a time interval of 3 months, bollinger bands, NYSE advance versus decline and momentum. When viewing ADP, I clicked on the Settings link, selected my saved chart and hit submit to display this chart:

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