Margin Rates

Updated Friday, April 29, 2011

Looking for the broker with the best margin rates? Here is your complete guide. Margin rates are shown by loan balance for each broker. Highlighted fields are those that are among the top three rates for their respective balance.  Click on the table below for a larger view:

Interactive Brokers offers the best margin rate for each loan balance level.  Margin rates range from 1.59% all the way down to 0.50%.  If you are looking to get the best margin rate possible, Interactive Brokers is your undisputed #1 choice.

OptionsHouse offers the second best margin rate for each loan balance level.  Margin rates range from 4.00% all the way down to 1.50%.  If for whatever reason you decide that Interactive Brokers is not for you then OptionsHouse is a great choice for margin rate conscious traders.

The third best broker rate is offered by eOption.  Margin rates range from 5.00% to 2.50% depending on the loan balance level.

Additional Notes
While we have listed the margin rate for thinkorswim at 7.45-7.70% across the board, they will negotiate lower rates for those with larger loan balances.  Upon request, thinkorswim would not make their margin rates by loan balance public information.

Verify Current Rates
Margin rates periodically change and even though we try to update this page every few months, you may wish to verify the current margin rates listed above.  Click on the links below to access the broker website pages which post the most up to date margin rates:

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