ShareBuilder Review

Updated Monday, March 22, 2010

Not recommended

Company Background:

The history of ShareBuilder goes back to 1996 with the founding of NetStock Direct in Bellevue, Washington.  NetStock Direct then launched as its online brokerage platform.  The company was renamed Netstock Corporation in 2000 only to change its name again to ShareBuilder in 2003.

In 2007, ShareBuilder was acquired by ING Direct, a subsidiary of Dutch bank ING Group.  ING Direct is the provider of the eponymously named high interest savings account.  ING Group is a global diversified financial institution offering everything from retail banking, insurance and wealth management.  Dan Greenshields is the President and CIO of ShareBuilder.

Review Summary:

ShareBuilder offers a standard web based platform and a mobile application.  The mobile app is compatible with most modern handsets but does not allow for trading.

ShareBuilder fails on multiple fronts. The charts are terrible. Research tools are non-existent for basic account holders. Finally, the lack of true limit order trading is a death blow. Avoid ShareBuilder.

Detailed Reviews by Category:

Registration Grade: A
Stock Trading Grade: F
Charts Grade: D
Research Tools Grade: F
Commissions and Fees (Pass/Fail): Pass
Margin Rates
Dividend Reinvestment Plans (DRIPs)
Tax Reporting Compatibility

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