ShareBuilder (ING Direct) Registration

Updated Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Registration Grade: A


Quick and easy to the extreme. ShareBuilder (ING Direct) gets my highest grade.


Minimum initial account deposit: None

I opened a general account (click on images for larger views):

Margin, options trading and general disclosure documents can all be verified at once. Very convenient:

ShareBuilder offers three different pricing plans. I chose the basic plan:

An overview of the three different pricing plans:

I selected to fund my account by electronically transferring funds from my Bank of America checking account:

Once I completed registration, I received a welcome email from ShareBuilder. The email contains my account number and other basic information - not much but surprisingly more useful than some other online brokers.

Sharebuilder is the only broker that did not send me any physical mailings after the registration process, which is fine by me.

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