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The History of Online Broker Review
Hi - my name is Brett DiDonato and welcome to Online Broker Review.  In 2008, I left my banking industry job whereupon  I was finally able to open an outside brokerage account.  After doing my research, I soon realized that there are dozens of brokers to choose from each with many strengths and weaknesses. I consider myself fairly financially astute and if I was still confused by the many offerings, how could the average investor hope to make an educated decision?

I decided to open a host of brokerage accounts and study their strengths and weaknesses in detail. I ended up writing a short review of each service but I felt unsatisfied with publishing to one of the many consumer review websites.  Based on these efforts, Online Broker Review was born in November 2008.

The site started out with registration, stock trading, charts and research tools reviews for 8 different brokers.  Over time, we have expanded to cover 18 brokers and many additional categories, including options trading, commissions and fees, margin rates and more.

If you have additional brokers that you would like to see reviewed, new article ideas, general feedback or advertising inquiries please contact us at [email protected].  You can also reach us on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn.  Thanks and good investing!

Online Broker Review is not affiliated with any of our reviewed brokers or other financial institutions.   The opinions expressed on this site are the author's alone.  Nothing on this site is a suggestion to buy or sell any security.  Securities featured in reviews are used as examples only and in no way constitute a recommendation to buy or sell any security.

Trading platforms, fees, commissions and other aspects of our reviews change on a regular basis.  We seek to keep the site as up to date as possible but it is wise to verify all content on this site with your broker before investing.

No content on this site can be reproduced without permission.

Online Broker Review receives payments for ads placed on this site.  OBR receives payments via affiliate networks when visitors click on ads and then perform certain actions - primarily opening a brokerage account.