E*TRADE Registration

Updated Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Registration Grade: B


I found the E*TRADE registration process to be quick and easy. Once my account was opened and I transferred money electronically from my checking account, I was able to log in and navigate the site. No major complaints.


Minimum initial account deposit: $1000

I opened a general investing account.

The E*TRADE welcome screen (click on images for larger views):

Investment objectives screen:

Displayed below were my sweep account options. Note the two radio buttons at the bottom of the screen - by default they are selected so users are automatically signed up for a debit card and check writing. This is rather sneaky in my opinion - how many brokerage customers are really interested in this feature? I doubt they are popular enough to warrant default selections:

All documents (statements, confirms, etc.) are saved electronically instead of mailed unless users select otherwise. If you would like paper documents you have to pay for them. This is now standard for most online brokers:

Once the account was set up, I had several funding options:

I chose the free quick transfer option to transfer money from my Bank of America checking account:

Once registration was complete, I received a welcome email from E*TRADE. The email does not contain any sort of useful information. It's good to get a confirmation that the account was opened properly but the email does not add much value.

A few days later I received a physical mailing from E*TRADE with my basic account information, a quick start guide and a money market fund prospectus.

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